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I have been busy for the last couple of months. My travels to many states for my company, and then writing, and preparing for our Revelation Conference consumed much of my time. However, it was all great. I have translated the first seven chapters of the book of Revelation, and then the first three verses of chapter eight. My goal has been to complete the entire book by the end of this year. I also wrote a book on how to understand the book of Revelation, which was what I taught from during our conference. I am including in this post, part of chapter 1. I will add more of the translation in subsequent post. I have titled my translation as the RERichmond Most Holy Place Version, from the position of Rest. I hope you who follow my blog will enjoy the excerpts of my translation and explanation. I will continue to blog stories and pictures from my travels. I head to St. Paul/Minneapolis MN next week.

 The Revelation of Jesus Christ & His inChristed Body

Roy E. Richmond – rrichmond11@cox.net

Chapter 1

Verse 1 – 20

The explanation of Jesus the anointed Messiah, and the explanation of the Divine purpose of His coming, in a Man-body; including the unveiling of God’s Light and Glory in all mankind because of Jesus’ perfect redemptive work. Father God gave this Himself, to explain His Word (the other sixty-five books of His written Word) and his Work, to all Men. The understanding of this explanation of His Word is expedient to all in this age and the ages to come, world without end. Therefore, He detained and equipped me, His servant John, to speak these things to, by Himself, as the Messenger Himself, speaking in my Spirit with Words, and bringing to memory reminders of events of history, and revealing who and what men are presently, all, of which He desires to reveal.

At this place and time, I record, in writing on a scroll, of that which I heard and witnessed from the Divine communication of Father God, both the evidence given of Jesus the Messiah, and the Great and Marvelous Work that which Father revealed to my understanding.

Fortunate, well off and happy is the person who repeatedly studies, reads, and gives audience to, and understands this Divine discourse, and explanations. Furthermore, keeping these writings (unmixed by men’s theology), which are principally used to explain, and to bring rest between Man and Father God; the reason being it is expedient for all people in this age, and of the ages to come – world without end.

From: John

To: The Seven Congregations, which gather in Asia, and for people of all ages to come – world without end.

Father God’s Image and Life is upon and in you. You have been set at one again because Our Father exist, Father always existed, therefore Father exist comfortably in you and as your Life; you all, are His Most Holy Place Temple (dwelling), with His Divine Nature Activity within your entire being.

Therefore, Jesus, at the time of His earth walk, was the only manifestation of the Glory of I AM, the Anointed Messiah, The faithful and True Sacrifice, The First, with All in Him, to be regenerated/recreated/resurrected from the degenerate condition of humankind (man hewn-down). Even so, He is the Power/Life source in you all as kings/lords of the earth. He Father/Jesus loved, and desired after us all. Father, in Jesus, performed a Great and Marvelous Operation, which removed, melted away, put off, loosened, and destroyed the effects of living AS void of His Light/Life. He did so, by drawing ALL Men (no gender implied), into union with the atoning blood of Jesus the Messiah; for the purpose of, His work restoring Man to Living AS Royal Sons being Prince of this earth, reigning, sacred and Holy as Father God and themselves being Father as One Spirit, One Mind, One Body; a many-membered-man.

Only He receives the credit and admiration, for the reason being, His Great and Marvelous Work (power) remains for ALL, eternally, age after age after age, world without end. What He did is trustworthy, and worthy of putting ones entire being and life in the trust of.

Stop what you are doing, and perceive, consider, understand, and gain knowledge of what I am transliterating, in understandable words.  Father is now One with, and is dwelling in all the people of this earth, and those whose bodies have ceased to be able to contain them. Therefore, everyone who will look, with eyes wide-open (eyes that can see spiritually), will see with understanding the truthfulness of what was revealed in His earth-walk, and the reality of what was done to Him, by Him being made to be human (emptied himself of Life), as the Federal Head of humanity. Even they who pricked Him, goaded Him, and pierced Him; And ALL Men of this age, and ages to come, shall morn when they see, with eyes wide-open the horribleness of suffering Jesus/Father God went through, in His Great and Marvelous Redemptive Work. What I write, as Father speaks in my spirit-mind, is truthful and is affirmed in the pages of this scroll, and by His Spirit speaking to the reader.

Father God to John:

I AM – I Exist eternally, the One and only supreme in authority and power, as One Spirit, One Mind, and the One and only Power; saith, I the self-existent One, the One in Him who was Messiah, the One in All Men, as my Life, Light, and Glory, the all-ruling Power and Universal Sovereign.


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