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Question: You are on a two-thousand mile journey, to a planet in outer space. If those who calculated the direction, speed and other mathematical calculations to make you arrive at the planet intended, were “a hair” off in the calculations, would you hit your mark? Of course not. Well, we are over 2,000 years from what Jesus did, and for some reason the majority of mankind are not living out of the results of what He did. Do you think the “many revelations,” others come up with that is different than the revelation God gave the Apostle Paul, might be a hair off, or even more? I think so.There is only one Gospel of Jesus Christ – One Revelation of Jesus Christ. We must not come up with our own revelation. We are told in Scripture that we are to teach, explain and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. The Gospel is the death, burial and resurrection and what that means to everyone. We are not here to judge people any other way but righteous. We are ministers of reconciliation, and reconciliation is a past work. All have been made righteousness. Again, I keep hearing the Voice of Spirit within me shout, “Thus saith the Lord, let my people go.” I believe there are a massive amount of people who are ready to hear the Truth of the Gospel. They are ready to rise up higher in awareness – they only need the teachers of this age to awaken to the Truth and share the Truth. Just thinking out loud – heard this while I was in my “conversation with God chamber” – my shower.


The Target is Living as Christ the New Many Membered Man that You Be. 


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The Movie Luther

To learn when and why the King James Version of our Bible was grossly miss-translated and added to, watch this movie. You will be amazed, unless you do not care.



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The Catholic Church came up with the damaging doctrine of a place of eternal punishment from a play titled “Dante’s Inferno.” It was all about creating fear in the people and extracting great amounts of money to keep them from “going to hell,” or giving money to “get their deceased family members higher up in a place they came up with, called “purgatory.”

Do you really believe in a place like the picture below?


Answer these question: Why do you believe in a place titled “hell?” Do you really believe God would create a place like this? Do you believe it, only because you have been taught it’s existence? Have you studied “Church history”? Do you know where the majority of the beliefs taught by the religious systems of our age, really came from? It might be wise for you to check out what you believe.
“Hell,” What is it?
Question: Is there a physical place called “hell” where people burn with fire for eternity? “Heaven or Hell,” is not the correct question, but people are taught it, so, it has wrongly become the “believers” main concern.
Matthew 16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. KJV
Jesus had just asked Peter, “Who do men say that I am”? Then He asked who Peter says that He was. Peter answered, “Thou art the Christ (anointed one), the Son of the living God. Jesus told Peter that Father had revealed this truth to him. Then in verse 18, Jesus told Peter, that His Church would be built upon the Rock of revelation of His Passion, and the gates of this knowledge would not prevail or hinder it being built.
RERichmond MHPV is from the Greek and Hebrew with a Most Holy Place Understanding of Jesus’ perfect work of Redemption.
Matthew 16:18 And moreover, I declare unto thee, that you are a Rock, Apostle and mill stone in nature, therefore, upon you this massive revelation of who I am and what I have come to do, I will embolden, confirm, build and edify, of Me, all people, of members on earth and in heavenly to be Father’s temple. And any gates holding back people from the seeing of, the ability to know, be aware, consider, perceive, understand what I will do , to gaze upon with their spiritual eyes being wide open to view my remarkable work and to shew the same upon them, will not overpower, nor hinder My work of redemption for all mankind. RMHPV
Proverb 23:13 Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. 14 Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell. KJV
Proverbs 23:13 Do not hold back or refrain reproof, warning, instruction, and restraint from those who live out of the carnal realms of life, (Little Children, as the Apostle Paul would call this level of maturity). I assure you, if you will teach, instruct, and restrain him or her with the writings and understandings of the Word of God, he or she will not live a life of non-existence, with no spiritual discernment or see corruption of his or her conscious mind, and body. 14 You shall refresh him or her, with Holy Spirit inspired revelation knowledge , and without fail, you will rescue, deliver, and recover his or her conscious mind and life from living as a mere man (human) whose understanding only comes from the five-sense realm. RMHPV
Isaiah 5:11 Oh, how sad of them that spend their day to run after things which are corrupt (healing, wealth, physical things) and perishes by nights end, and are intoxicated by the things offered by the systems of religion and the cosmos and not of the spirit. They are inflamed to pursue hotly, things that tend to corruption but not the things of the Kingdom – righteousness, peace and joy that is found within their Spirit. 12 With their life, they live and present them self as if their life is wonderful, but yet they fall away, faint and live foolish lives AS vessels of dishonor and they fade, wither away foolishly in their body. They clap their hands with a perceived joy, and sing as though all is well, but they pollute, intoxicate, profane, prostitute, and stain their selves with the dainties offered by the systems of this present age and exist only in that lower realm of a beastly life. They do not see the beacon, the token, the sign, the miracle, regard with pleasure, consider or look upon and see the Great Act, Redemptive Work of Father God, neither do they have experience, gaze upon, take heed, perceive view, much less understand the work of the Father in redeeming all mankind from the results of Adam’s falling into belief of good and evil. 13 Rightly so, my sanctuaries (nations – people) have been deprived of My Life in them and intimacy with Me, because their knowledge is corrupt and they have no conscious awareness of Me, and those who are mature, have understanding and are anointed of Me, hunger and thirst for Me, with great desire. 14 Because of my children’s present state of understanding and lack of my life, rightfully so, they continue to live in the pit that man digressed to after they fell from living and walking in spirit with Me. This fallen life (spiritual death and carnal thinking mind) has broadened itself and infected all children, and has swallowed them all up without measure: they have descended to a lower region, far below being spirit that I made them to be. And their magnificence splendor, beauty, excellency, honor and majesty has vanished, and their abundance of destruction, exultation of oneself, shall descend into corruption and they will know Me not. RMHPV
Proverbs 5:5 Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell. KJV
The word ‘hell’ in verse 5 is she’owl or sheol. Its meaning is the world of the dead and the place of departed souls, including the inmates thereof. Sheol does not speak of physically dead it speaks of the condition of man after the fall. Adam’s wrong choice cut himself off from an awareness of Spirit, and in dying then death (a sense of separation from God) entered into his entire being (soul). He was the prince of the world, so his death even affected the cosmos and the inhabitants thereof. “In the day you do this Adam, you shall surely die.” “In dying thou shalt die.” In Isaiah 14, the translators used the word ‘lucifer,” for Adam. Adam was the Son of God and His bright and morning star. When Adam chose to exalt himself above His Father, and live out of his own understanding by believing in the universal belief of good and evil, he fell to what is commonly called “hell,” “the pit,” and of course in the N. T. it is pictured as the Valley of Gehenna (a garbage dump). Jesus did not use the word “hell”.  When Adam left the realm of spirit, he made the world as a wilderness and destroyed those after him (cities – people). He could not open (free) the house of the prisoners. All humanity had a degenerate nature activity lodged in their whole being and could not live as spirit or in the heavenly (living out of the Spirit); they were in a “pit,” (lower realm living) and no mere, sense realm man could get them out. Father God, in Jesus freed everyone. No need for us to do anything but learn what to believe and then believe and receive the Truth.
 There never was a place called hell. It is time we check out, by leaning to our mind of Christ, and see if everything taught to us and believed by us is true. Selah (think about it)

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